This three-member team run is a unique running event, and the idea came from solidarity and partnership during fighting against the German army in the Second World War. The uniqueness of the annual event attracts more and more runners for the 12.5 or 29 km (7.1 and 18.3 miles) routes which go through picturesque Ljubljana streets. The length of the route for elementary, middle, and high school competitors is 3 km (a little bit less than 2 miles). This is a running event where the three-member team (men, women, mixed) must run together all the time, so it is not like a relay. The final team result is the time when the last team member crosses the finish line. With this run, the organizer wants to encourage runners to demonstrate mutual assistance and solidarity. In practice that means: better prepared team members help, cheer, and motivate less prepared team members.