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A Guest From Netherlands

8 Jun

A Guest From Netherlands

I met Johannes after a hike in Jezersko region. He was very friendly and I asked him to tell me his impression about Slovenia. Here is what he said after seeing this view.

“This country has really surprised us, for a number of reasons. Clearly, Slovenia is a very outdoor minded country with splendid hikes in beautiful mountain scenery, great swims in mountain lakes and great, well maintained roads for bicycle tours. What struck us is that Slovenians like the outdoors themselves. We saw families on trails and a lot of senior citizens on biking trips.

Slovenia’s feels like a very save country: drivers on the road are very considerate to bicyclists and hikers, women can easily travel on their own. Finally, the people of Slovenia are very service minded and reliable but also fiercely proud of their country and all the great things it has to offer.”



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