What makes the Run of Trios a unique event? Three people run together from Start to Finish. Can you imagine? All of a sudden, running morphs into a true “team” sport! (foto: Damjan Koncar)

Run of Trios: start

Some people are just having a good time.

For the first race in 1957, the Run of Trios consisted of five people per team. These five ran with backpacks and rifles, to commemorate the end of World War II. After the war, citizens of Yugoslavia came together to reestablish trust and to rebuild the country. Every year around May 9th the Run of Trios happens, to celebrate happy and brave people who are willing to cooperate with others. Two courses, 29 km and 12.5 km (18 miles and 7.8 miles) wind through Ljubljana’s cozy medieval streets, and the Finish culminates near Ljubljana castle.

The winners of the first edition Run of Trios in 1957

On a personal note: This year, I was one of the race’s organizers, and I enjoyed every single minute. The weather was beautiful, and the joy of the race participants electrified the atmosphere.

Working with a couple of friends (Mateja and Lucija) made my day. Here we are: three hard working, carefree ladies, focused on helping participants put their best foot forward.

Photo of the other Mateja: National Radio, Public Relations, Sports press conferences, Olympic Games coverage, World championships reporting.

She really knows what she’s doing! People working for the Run of Trios are diligent and passionate, and that’s what makes this event so special. Participants don’t need to worry about a thing, because the race organizers take care of everything. All you need to do is come and enjoy the day with us.