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Unique mountain huts in the Slovenian Alps

3 Jan

Unique mountain huts in the Slovenian Alps

Who would like hot tea or a cold beer when hiking up the mountains? I would! But where can I find such a thing? Or what about apple strudel (“struklji”), hearty stew, a tasty sandwich, or an overnight stay? In Slovenia, you don’t need to carry your tent in your already-heavy backpack: you can overnight in a mountain hut!


What is a mountain hut? It’s a dwelling located high in the mountains—generally accessible only by foot—and intended to provide food and shelter to mountaineers, climbers, and hikers. Mountain huts are usually operated by an Alpine Club or an organization dedicated to hiking or mountain recreation.


High-elevation huts are open during the summertime from June 15th to September 15th. Some open just for the weekend, and some stay open 24/7. There is no set pattern. Alpine Club owners decide the hours and the accommodations for the huts they manage.


Huts at lower elevations are open year-round for all skill levels, novice to advanced.


When you enter the hut, you’ll notice that everything is carefully crafted, alpine style: wooden table, wooden chairs, wooden ceiling, wooden walls. The security of wood is what makes these huts “warm.” During winter, you’ll sit near the big heater, called “Kmecka” or “krušna peč.” The heat from Kmecka pec, is sooooo cozy that you will not want to leave the hut 😊.

Kmečka peč


Most of the huts have several beds in a room, so you’ll share the room. Community is the goal, not solitude; but compared to tent, it’s much more comfortable.


If you stay overnight, you’ll have a restroom and a sink, where you can wash your face and brush your teeth. Some huts also have a private nook for a well-deserved shower!


Why are the huts an attractive destination? Mountain huts are usually managed by caring folks who create fantastic local dishes like “jota” (sauerkraut with beans, potatoes, and sausage or ham), “ricet” (barley soup with vegetables), “zganci” (cooked buckwheat and sour milk), and sometimes pasta with sauce. It depends on the owner and how they transport food to the hut—if by car or by cable, there’s more variety than by helicopter. But it’s always satisfying after a day out on the trail!

Žganci (cooked buckwheat and sour milk)



There are 179 mountain huts in Slovenia. If you stay under 2000 m (6000 ft) you’ll always be within 2 hours of the next hut. Above 2000 m, there are not as many, but they’re still within a day’s hike.


The highest hut is Triglavska hut Kredarica, which is one of the most popular starting points for Triglav (2864 m, 9396 ft), the highest peak in Slovenia.


Most of the time I just climb up and down a mountain because I want to stay fit. If I have more time, I make a “circle”: hike up one mountain, traverse to another, then descend to the starting point where I left my car.


But it’s more freeing hike from hut to hut, forgetting about the car. Slovenia’s mountains are so beautiful that it hurts NOT to enjoy them!


Your trip details will be all planned out, including reservations at the huts, transportation, and English-speaking guides. There’s nothing to worry about except how to absorb all the beauty surrounding you! Also, SAFETY is our top priority. That’s why we’ve included insurance in the total cost. If something happens to you, the trip to the nearest hospital is free!


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