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Kriška Mt. And Tolsti Vrh With Our Guide Škof

18 Jan

Kriška Mt. And Tolsti Vrh With Our Guide Škof

When I was 10 years old, my older brother (age 21) and his friend took me to Mt. Kriska Gora (1471 m, 4862 ft). Of course, they were both stronger and taller than me. They had NO IDEA how hard was to keep up with them! On that trip, I really did NOT like hiking. Especially when we reached the peak and they said something like: “Oh, one hour and 15 minutes, quite good for this hike.” I HATED IT!

From the kitchen window of my parents’ house, I saw that mountain every single day. And every single day reminded me of my weakness. During those years, I thought: “I will never hike again.”


That was pretty accurate. My next hiking adventure was for a college class, for my degree requirements. We hiked for 5 days. I still REALLY did not like hiking. It was perfectly fine with me that mountains were up there, and I was down here.

The turning point happened when I moved to the U.S.A. in 2013. Growing up surrounded by mountains, I came to Pullman WA, and suddenly, I was surrounded by fields of wheat, garbanzo beans, and lentils.


While I appreciated the rolling hills of the Palouse, I started to miss “my” mountains. So, every year that I returned to Slovenia, I made myself go out and hike. Most of the time I went with friends; sometimes with social media bloggers; many times by myself. I started to love hiking.


When I hiked with friends, we chatted, going my pace, enjoying the view. With bloggers, I told stories about places in the mountains. Solo, I simply enjoyed the journey and the chance to restore my mind.


After 25 years, I hiked the same path up to Mt. Kriska Gora with our guide Skof. He had never hiked up that way, so I was his “guide” (in the mountains, the rule is that the slowest hiker goes first, to dictate the speed 😊).

The path is called “the steep path” or “the goat path.” There is a reason: it is steep!


Skof is one of the most patient guides ever! He always lets me lead. He encourages me, converses with me, tells stories, etc., so the time passes by fast. He never checks his watch. He doesn’t care how long it takes. I realized that the path up Mt. Kriska Gora was not as hard as it was in my mind!

Our first stop was the mountain hut at the summit of Kriska Gora. Skof, probably one of the most well-known people in Slovenia, ran into his colleague, another retired police officer. These days, it seems that no matter where Skof and I go, he happens upon someone he knows.

We took a short break at the hut then continued on to our next peak: Mt. Tolsti Vrh. On our way up, we stopped at Vratca (“small door”) to see the back side of Kriska Gora.

Tolsti Vrh, a 1715 m (5627 ft) was our goal for the day. A beautiful path across the mountain meadows and forests took us to the top of Tolsti Vrh, where we ate lunch in the “restaurant with the most gorgeous view.” This view always impresses me.

This 6-hour hike made a new memory for me—a gorgeous trip, an amazing person, serene nature. It was one of those days where I finished tired but happy because I knew that I was refilling my body and mind with positive energy.


If you want to have the same experience, join us! We’ll tailor-make the trip just for you with our amazing guide Skof!




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