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360 View From Kamnik Pass

22 Jun

360 View From Kamnik Pass

At 1846 m (6115 ft), the mountain pass Kamniško sedlo is named after the medieval town of Kamnik. The starting point is the Kamniška Bistrica hut, where you can also see the beautiful river Kamniška Bistrica.

Kamniška Bistrica Hut (Photo: PD Matica)

Well, when Škof texted us the evening before, “we are going up,” it sounded like we had no choice. WE ARE GOING UP! And who am I to argue? In fact, it was a test for Škof to discover how he can deal with people who are not as fit as he is!

Škof picked us up (Simon and I) at 8 a.m., and after 25 minutes of driving, we came to the starting point, Kamniška Bistrica. The standard route is 3 hours and 30 minutes. Simon is in good shape, and Škof, our guide, constantly keeps his fitness. Me, on the other hand, not so much!

The way up starts with a soft wood path, but it is not flat. I mean, we went for a hike, and we were aware that the elevation gain would be 1300 m (4265 ft). If I had expected an easy path, that would have been naive!

Škof went first, I was second and Simon was behind me. The rule in the mountains is that the slowest person goes first, and usually that is me. Usually. However, Škof knows me well enough to not let me be first. Why? Because I start fast and hard and then I get tired and grumpy. So, Škof went first and paced the hike. It was amazing how he did it. Every second was exactly the pace I needed!

After 1 hour and 50 minutes (elevation gain 800 m [2600 ft]), we had our first break. We sat down and ate a snack next to the shepherd’s hut. At this hut, there was a table inside and a porch outside. Since it wasn’t raining, we relaxed on the porch.

Škof on the porch with beautiful T-shirt


The shepherd’s hut

After another 20 minutes of hiking, we came to the tree line. Even though I knew that the weather was iffy, I expected a beautiful view. But I was met with a rolling sky of clouds and fog.

 Simon and Škof

At tree line, the wind whipped around our ears and hiking poles. Even if I had complained that I was cold, the wind would have blown away the complaint. Instead, I just asked how far we had to go. We were about 20 minutes away from the hut! And that made me happy. And the fact that it wasn’t raining.

Finally, we reached the hut. It was warm and we ordered hot tea. We had brought along our other provisions. If you’re out and about in the mountains and you get hungry, the huts offer snacks and a hearty stew. The food made in mountain huts is delicious, and after 3 hours of hiking, a tasty stew hits the spot!


The hut


Škof brought some food…


…but Simon and I were very thirsty.


“Kmečka peč” or farmhouse stove is an antique stove for heating the whole house. Nowadays you can find it in country homes.

When we finished our well-deserved lunch and break, we hiked up to reach the flag.

Slovenian flag

The sun came out and THERE was the biggest surprise! A 360° view! On one side was the beautiful Kamnik valley, and on the other side was the stunning Logarska valley, the most picturesque place in Slovenia!

Kamnik Valley


Logar Valley


Škof is just amazing! If I am the tour guide, I might say, “In Ljubljana, go straight to see this monument; turn left to go to this cafe; turn right to go to this shop.” But if Škof is the tour guide, he will say, “In the mountains, take this path to reach that peak; turn left to reach this river; turn right to reach that valley.” Seems like Škof knows everything!

One of Škof’s explanations


We spent another 15 to 20 minutes on the hill behind the hut, listening to Škof’s stories and enjoying the beautiful views. Here are some for you!

The view of Logarska Valley. In the distance you can see Okrešelj mountain hut and Rinka Waterfall with an Eagle’s Nest (a platform next to the waterfall). It is hard to see it on the picture, but trust me, when you are there, you will see it :).

One one side of the hut you go to Planjava….


…and to Brana on the other side

The hut at Kamniško sedlo is a great starting point to Brana, Planjava and many other peaks. You can do this in one day or overnight at the hut and do it the next day.

Simon and Škof on the way down


Kamniško sedlo hut is being renovated

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