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Hidden Spots in European Green Gem – Slovenia

6 Aug

Hidden Spots in European Green Gem – Slovenia

Have you heard of Slovenia? No? Let me tell you about it.

Slovenia is the only European country which contains the word “love” in its name. The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is a variation of “ljubljena,” which means “beloved.”

Slovenia, a small country with only 2 million people, is the size of New Jersey, and it was formerly part of Yugoslavia. Surrounded by famous countries: Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, Slovenia is like a little sister, pretty and shy.

New Jearsy


Yugoslavia (yugo or “jugo” in Slovenian language means “south”; so Yugoslavia menas the land of south Slavs).


Almost 60% of Slovenia is woodlands. To the Northwest are the Alps; to the Southwest is the Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean); in the middle is the Karst Plateau, with white horses atop, and a labyrinth of caves beneath. To the East is the Pannonian Plain, with healing spas noted for easing illness and injury.






Lipica, a home of famus Lipizzaners (Photo: Kobilarna Lipica)


Prekmurje, landscape


Everything is close in Slovenia so it’s easy to see different landscapes in a short time. With different landscapes come various local food customs and flavors of wine.

One of the most appealing places to visit is Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital: population 300,000. A medieval castle towers above the city, and the River Ljubljanica flows impressively through downtown, making the capital the perfect place to relax and enjoy the uniqueness of Slovenia.


Across the tripple bridge towards the Ljubljana castle.


Just ninety minutes away, on the coast, is Piran, the historic Venetian town. Ancient stone buildings, quaint narrow streets, and fresh seafood markets makes Piran worth a visit. Have you swum in the sea? If not, this is a great opportunity to do so. Afterwards, walk to the St. George Parish Church, and stand in the yard. The stunning view that greets you is Croatia on your left, and Italy on your right.



Lake Bled is another popular destination in Slovenia: this modest lake with a small island church in the middle is inspiring any time of year.

Lake bled in the fall


Though anyone can travel to these popular places in Slovenia, Mateja Travel can show you others, hidden on the surface and below. Slovenia shelters more than 11,000 caves, 800 castles, and 3000 churches–as well as the pristine Alps, the glassy Mediterranean Sea, and endless shades of blue-green rivers and lakes.

Emerald Soca River


Predjama Castle


Križna Cave


A likely follow-up question: Is Slovenia safe? Yes, Slovenia is generally a very safe country. Still, pickpockets are everywhere, so avoid leaving your belongings unattended, and avoid carrying large sums of cash or valuables with you on day trips. Women can walk alone in virtually all areas and cities, even at night.


Running events

One way to get to know Slovenia is through sport. Hundreds of running or biking events are happening, day or night. Through sport, you can meet people with similar interests, and a chat can easily become an interesting conversation. If you’re not a runner, walking or volunteering for events is a good way to make new friends. Slovenians speak English well, but sometimes we are shy. We think that we are not good enough, because we are not perfect. So, you can help us gain some confidence.

Bovec Marathon


10 K at Night Around Lake Bled


Back to nature

Slovenia is an active nation: hiking, cycling, running, and walking are daily activities. From lazy grass-covered hills, with cows so accustomed to people that they won’t even notice you–to rocky mountain peaks, where your climb is rewarded by attractive, rustic huts and ample refreshment–Slovenia offers the perfect opportunity for any age, any ability.

Big Pasteur Plateau




Come see the country where activity and beauty go hand in hand. Come walk or hike the Alps then dine by the Adriatic Sea, both in the same day. If you’re ready to maximize time and beauty, in a country that can befriend you, you’re ready to visit Slovenia.


If you still hesitate, Mateja Travel is here to help you. Contact us or follow us on Facebok and Instagram.



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