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About the Slovenian Language and How to Pronounce “Ljubljana”?

14 Aug

About the Slovenian Language and How to Pronounce “Ljubljana”?

When you come to a country, you must know how to pronounce the name of the capital city. Here is how to pronounce “Ljubljana” :).

Slovenian, the first recorded Slavic language, is one of the most archaic languages in Europe. Here are 9 facts about speaking Slovenian.

Roughly 2.5 million people speak Slovenian, and many Slovenes speak at least two other languages: English, German, Italian, Croatian, etc.

In the 1940s and 50s, learning a second language was added to the region’s high school curriculum. Students could choose between English or Russian. However, Slovenian culture was very detail oriented, so people struggled to perfect their language abilities.

In Slovenia, borders of other countries are very close, so learning multiple cultures and languages is just part of living there: people on the coast merge with Italian; people on the Pannonian Plain merge with Hungarian; and people on the Austrian border merge with German.

Nowadays, students as young as first grade learn English as a second language. Additional to this, high schoolers choose between German, French, or Italian.

When you’re in Slovenia, don’t worry about which language you’ll speak. Even though people might say they don’t speak English, usually they do–but maybe not fluently. Just find a younger person and they’ll explain everything to you!


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