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Slovenia? Where on Earth is This Place?

18 Aug

Slovenia? Where on Earth is This Place?

Slovenia is a small country, and no one knows where it is.

Some people think Slovenia is in eastern Europe. They’re partially correct, because the language is Slavic, like Russian, Czech, Romanian, etc. But geographically, Slovenia is not quite eastern European.

Formerly, Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia (yugo or jugo, means “south”), which sort of makes sense. However, Slovenia also features the towering Alps, the same mountain range in France, Switzerland, Austria, and northern Italy. So, Slovenia is not quite southern European either.

A Morning View


Is Slovenia on the Balkan peninsula? Well, Slovenians believe that it is, due to the Balkan peninsula’s southern border with Slovenia. But Austrians believe that the Balkan peninsula begins in Vienna. Go figure! I did not study geography, so I will not argue either way.

Where on Earth is Slovenia?


It’s on the border between southern Europe (the Balkan peninsula) and Western Europe! Its position has been very tenable in the past. This piece of land guaranteed emperors and other rulers the best commerce routes between villages, roads, and waterways.

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana (or Emona, in Roman), is about a 2-hour drive from any of the four Slovenian borders. In 2.5 hours, you could be in Venice, Italy; in 5 hours you could be in Vienna, Austria or Budapest, Hungary; and in 45 minutes, you could be in Zagreb, Croatia!


So, remember that when you come to Slovenia, you’re never far from these countries. And when you’re in Italy, Austria, Hungary, or Croatia you’re never far from awesome Slovenia!

From Alps…


…to Mediteranian in 90 minutes.

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