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Hiking Mt. Begunjščica Will Change Your Perspective

15 Sep

Hiking Mt. Begunjščica Will Change Your Perspective

At 2060 m (6759 ft), Mt. Begunjscica features one of the most beautiful views of Lake Bled and Mt. Triglav. There are many paths to the summit, but I really like the circular path: starting at the Ljubelj pass, crossing the ski resort Zelenica, hugging the north side, then ascending to the peak and resting at the hut near the top of the mountain.

For the descent, I like to follow the soft wooded trail through the forest, stopping at another hut on Prevala Pasteur. From there, the way back to my car is easy.

One day my friend Tina and I decided to hike this route. I picked her up in Kranj, the big city in Upper Carniola, and we went to the Ljubelj pass, our starting point.

Ljubelj pass is also known for its border control with Austria. During WWII, a prison camp was instituted there. My father used to tell me stories about it, and one time, we visited it together. He remembers so many things about WWII, even though he was only 10 when it started.

A reminder what should never happen again!

The remains of the camp


Though this was a dark time in history, there’s still much to learn from it. For now, though, we’ll focus on the beauty surrounding Ljubelj pass.

Tina and I started at the base with the chairlift in Zelenica. When I was a child, I frequently skied here during the winter months. This is also the place where Bojan Krizaj launched his career as one of the world’s top skiers in the 1980s.

This slope is called “Avalanche.” Look how steep it is! The left side is treacherous during the warmer months, thus giving the slope its name for sudden avalanches.

Navigating the switchbacks can be challenging, but Tina and I have a lot in common. We met each other in high school, and we played basketball in the same club. We’re also both PE teachers 😊, so there are always plenty of stories to catch up on!


Our first stop is the hut at the top of the ski resort. In 1999, it burned to the ground during a fire then was rebuilt, finally reopening in 2011.

The hut at Mt. Zelenica


Every once in a while, we stop to take pictures. It’s so easy to get distracted by the amazing beauty!

On the way to the top

Here we are in the heart of the mountains: boulders and giant slabs of rock everywhere. As we proceed, we hold onto wedges and ladders for safety, because the rocks can shift under our feet. Slovenian mountain trails are well equipped with wedges, fences, and ladders for hiker safety.


Once we come around the corner, we see our first reward: Lake Bled! which follow us all the way to the top.

From the top of the mountain, we can see the trail Calvaria headed straight down to Prevala Plateau. “Calvaria” is symbolic: it’s super steep, tough to navigate, and littered with boulders. However, it’s gorgeous and worth every challenging step!


The wiev from teh top

The view to Lake Bled

180 view


Here we are at the Roblek’s hut. It’s a popular destination during peak hiking season for its good food and cold beer 😉.

Roblek’s Hut

Refreshment: apple strudel


We hiked the less difficult route to get down to Prevala Plateau. At the hut, we just paused for the view and ate trail snacks from our packs. Check out the view of the Plateau!

Born Path, the last bit of the journey, meanders through the woods and two unique mountain tunnels.

Karl Born, a former baron, built the tunnels and the trail through the forest. This German banker grew attached to the natural beauty and even bought an estate here in 1881. Born also built an electricity switchboard and a sawmill. An avid hunter, he also imported deer and goats to the area. After Born’s death, the estate was inherited by his son, who continued his father’s work.


In th etunnel

Between two tunnels

THe light at the end of the tunnel

Born’s tunnels:


If you’re feeling brave, hike the Bornova pot trail! It takes about 4 or 5 hours, but it is so worth it to literally walk through a mountain!


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