"A one week holiday in Slovenia offers you a chance to revitalize. Mateja Travel itineraries include top-notch hidden destinations as well as dynamic cultural, historical, interpersonal, and culinary experiences."
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About us

Mateja Travel specializes in sports, the outdoors, relaxation, and slow food. You'll enjoy introducing yourself to this new culture, soon to become your favorite home-away-from-home.

About us

The idea for Mateja Travel was born after fate – and love – took Mateja to the United States. There, she realized how beautiful and welcoming her home country was: high mountains close by, seas and rivers flowing freely, meals locally produced, wines from vintage orchards, and cordial communities. Mateja envisioned sharing all this, and helping her guests create an experience they would want to share.

Mateja’s life in Slovenia allowed her to develop a broad social network, which includes some of Europe’s best mountain, skiing, and caving guides. Moreover, Mateja offers her guests unique experiences–visits to hidden places, and opportunities to participate in historical recreational and sporting events. At these, guests can run, walk, or volunteer, and surround themselves with the beauty of Slovenia.

Our mission

Our mission is to introduce travelers to Slovenia’s popular sites, as well as its hidden treasures. We want to provide our guests with the opportunity to breathe pristine air, to drink clean spring water, to enjoy peace and quiet, and to discover a different, attractive culture.

We also provide crowd-loving travelers an opportunity to participate in novel and historical recreational events, thereby meeting Slovenian individuals and communities.