"A one week holiday in Slovenia offers you a chance to revitalize. Mateja Travel itineraries include top-notch hidden destinations as well as dynamic cultural, historical, interpersonal, and culinary experiences."
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Recommended: We have often heard about the many great things to do in Slovenia, so when Mateja, from Mateja Travel, invited us to visit, we didn’t need to be asked twice; well, actually come to think of it, we did. 🙂

The first time Mateja contacted us was to say, “Come and run in the Bovec marathon in September.” Tempting as it was, photos of the region looked absolutely gorgeous; there was no way we would be ready in time. After running in the London marathon in 2016, we had never run again. Not sure we could even manage a 5k.

So reluctantly, we declined, but Mateja wasn’t giving up that easily. “Come and visit, anyway. Maybe it will inspire you to run again.” This time we eagerly agreed. Slovenia had been on both of our bucket lists for a very long time, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

From alpine villages, karst regions to coastal towns, for a small country, Slovenia has a lot to offer. Far more than we realised!

Recmmended: As for the experience of hiking Triglav? I wouldn’t change a thing.

Piran, located on Slovenia’s Adriatic coast, is a must-visit. There’s so much to see and do in this gorgeous old town that’s jam-packed with charming Venetian architecture. Venetian? Thought we were in Slovenia!

In 2016, Ljubljana was voted the European Green Capital. The city centre today is mostly car-free. If you don’t fancy walking, there’s a new cycling network, and if you’re going a little further afield, the public transport is low-emissions.

There are so many things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, and largest city. It’s a town that’s best explored on foot. It’s not a large city, but when you do tire from walking, you’re never too far away from one of many riverside bars or cafes.

We had no idea how good Slovenian food and wine was going to be and were very pleasantly surprised. We love trying out local food whenever we travel, and it was great having local guide Mateja from introducing us to new dishes.

The charmingly picturesque town of Skofja Loka, meaning Bishop’s Meadows, is considered to be the best-preserved medieval city in Slovenia. Located roughly halfway between Ljubljana and Lake Bled, this delightful town is certainly worth a visit.

Of all the things that Slovenia is known for, the country’s nature and mountains have to rank at the absolute top. Which is why it was strange that I’d barely seen that side of the country in past visits. Sure, cities and towns like Ljubljana and Piran are easy to like. But in Slovenia mountains are a defining feature of the country and I always felt like I was missing something. Thanks to my Slovenia tour with Mateja Travel this year, I feel like I’ve properly connected with the country now.

If you enjoy visiting caves and you like visiting castles, you will love Predjama Castle, the world’s largest cave castle.

Many tours are available to Predjama Castle. We travelled there with the fabulous Mateja from

Located on the edge of the Triglav National Park, Lake Bled with its crystal clear waters, a tiny island, mountainous backdrop, and castle perched high on a hillside makes an ideal getaway. It’s easy to see why this place is so popular.

Our fabulous host Mateja said the best view of the lake from the castle was actually from the castle toilet. At €11 a ticket to visit the castle, it did seem a bit much to pay and we only wanted a photo of the castle.

The closest I had got to Slovenia’s mountains was Lake Bled, so the next time I visited I knew I wanted to do something active up in the mountains in Slovenia. Hiking Jezersko with Mateja Travel turned out to be the perfect way to spend a day in the mountains.

Many people choose to visit Soca Valley because of all the outdoor activities it offers. Having just come off days of vigorous hiking, my body couldn’t handle that. Instead Mateja Travel arranged a fantastic itinerary of sightseeing that showed off the valley’s many incredible attractions. From waterfalls, to mountains, forts and the Soca River, our day was packed with one wonderful sight after the next.

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Recommended: One of the best ways to experience a new location is on a bike. Pedaling is more immersive than driving. You see, hear and smell things you would miss in a vehicle…and you can cover more ground cycling than walking or hiking. Mateja Loncar, owner of Pullman’s Mateja Travel, will offer a 9-day cycling tour through the Soca Valley in Slovenia that ends on Croatia’s Krk Island.

Recommended: “We abide to the philosophy that it does not matter how much of the world you have seen, but rather how much of it you have experienced,” says Loncar, who notes her travel agency’s biggest strength is her extensive experience living in Slovenia.

Those who use Mateja Travel will not only get a tour of the country, but take part in athletic events including a marathon or half-marathon of their choice. These marathons take runners through Slovenia cities and around scenic landmarks such as Lake Bled.

Nestled beneath the Alps, just to the east of Italy, is the small nation of Slovenia. Google it, and you’ll swoon over postcard-pretty images of snowy peaks, lakeside villages, and lush countryside. It is the sort of pastoral paradise that fuels farmgirl fantasies, and we just happen know a native who grew up on a Slovenian farm and now guides American travel groups on adventurous tours of her homeland.

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Recommended: Slovenia? Slovakia? Slavonia? Where is this little country exactly? 🙂

In the third of our Mountain Bike Adventures we head to Slovenia and the beautiful Soča River Valley. We’re both really excited to be riding here having planned it this summer, obsessing over pictures of the turquoise river and autumnal forests.

Slovenia is a world-famous caving destination, with around 8,000 jamas, or caves, located in a country smaller than Vermont.

I’m biking through the old city streets of Europe. Baguette in my bag and hundred-year-old buildings around me, I feel like I’m living the stereotypical European vacation. The only difference between my holiday and scenes from a cliché Hollywood movie is that instead of a classic cruiser bike with a wide seat, I’m cruising on a rusty, red mountain bike with squealing brakes. The stick of fresh bread is stuffed into my backpack, not nicely nestled in a wicker bike basket. And it snapped in half when I took a sharp corner. I’m whipping downhill from the narrow streets of Kobarid, Slovenia where the flowerpot-lined streets are just wide enough for 1.5 cars.

When I said I was going to Slovenia, most people either stared blankly or swooned. The swooners were right. It is charming.