"A one week holiday in Slovenia offers you a chance to revitalize. Mateja Travel itineraries include top-notch hidden destinations as well as dynamic cultural, historical, interpersonal, and culinary experiences."
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Hidden spots in European green gem – Slovenia

Have you heard of Slovenia? No? Let me tell you about it. Slovenia is the only European country which contains the word “love” in its name. The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is a variation of “ljubljena,” which means “beloved.” [caption id="attachment_5401" align="alignnone" width="1279"] Ljubljana with...

A Guest From Netherlands

I met Johannes after a hike in Jezersko region. He was very friendly and I asked him to tell me his impression about Slovenia. Here is what he said after seeing this view. "This country has really surprised us, for a number of reasons. Clearly,...

Before And After

For the past five years, I have spent three (summer) months in Slovenia, the country where I was born and raised. Each year, before I come home, I make a plan with my best friend, Nataš(sh)a, regarding when we will take “our day...

Visit Ljubljana

"We thoroughly enjoyed a recent visit to Ljubljana.  Here’s what we liked about it. It’s beautiful: the architecture is striking and the city is located along a river with the Julian Alps in the distance. The people are friendly, helpful and speak English. ...