Maja Plaznik

Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Maja Plaznik and I am from Slovenia. I am 20 years old. I train track&field, more specifically middle distance.

What or who inspires you? My biggest role models are my parents who inspire me to work hard and help people. They taught me a lesson which guides me through life: “Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.” I have tasted the bitterness of defeat, but after every loss or failure, I learn from my mistakes and strive to become better and stronger.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about running. It has been a big part of my life since I was 7. Sport has taught me so many important skills, such as hard working, determination and to never give up. I also believe in the philosophy, that good returns with good.  If all people strove for this, the world would be a much better place.   

What accomplishment are you most proud of? I am most proud of my second place on 800m at International Children Games in South Korea and of my national record on 600m, which previously held on for 24 years (hope mine does for as half as thatJ).

Fun fact about you? I went to music school for 6 years to play a piano. I love dogs; I also have one golden Labrador, which I have been waiting and convincing my parents for 10 years.  I am afraid of snakes. They are my biggest fear.

Where is your home town? My hometown is village Pirniče. I have been living here since birth so I really know every hidden corner of it. I love it because it is not too densely populated and the nature is beautiful.

What are your two favorite places in Slovenia (besides home town)? My favorite places in Slovenia are Ljubljana and Šmarna gora. I really like the capital city due to a diversity that it offers. The city center is not too big, so you can easily reach almost everything. There are many different shops, so if you are a shopaholic, center is a perfect spot for you.  There is also a bit older part of a city, where you can admire Slovenian architectural legacy. My second favorite place is a mountain called Šmarna gora. I live under the hill, therefore I go on it many times. We are use to have a restaurant on top of every mountain, where you can get some very tasty Slovenian traditional food. In addition, the view from the top is majestic, from where you can see our beautiful capital city and Upper Carniola (Gorenjska).

What are three places where you would take your friend who’s never been to Slovenia before? Firstly, I would take them to our capital city Ljubljana. The city offers you from local sights to great cuisine, trip to Ljubljana castle or you can just sit by Ljubljanica river in a pub and enjoy the view. Then I would take them to Postojna cave. The cave is one of the most diverse cave systems in the world. There we can see famous human fish, which is a symbol of the Slovenian natural heritage. For the last spot, I would choose Bled. Bled has a lake with a small island in the middle of it, where is a beautiful, old church. Bled is also known for their traditional desert called “kremšnita”.

What’s your favorite race in Slovenia (to participate or to watch)? My favorite race is Ljubljana marathon. I have competed in this race for 10 years. I really like it because of so much audience along the track, which cheer for you as much as they can. The atmosphere is great and they always give me the wings to do my best.

What is your favorite traditional Slovenian food? My favorite traditional Slovenian food is strukelj. There are many sorts of it, such as cottage cheese, tarragon, walnut and buckwheat. My favorite one is cottage cheese strukelj. What is more, you can eat them as side dish or as a dessert.

What do you think Slovenia is famous for? I think Slovenia is famous for its beautiful and diversify landscape, offering everything from sea to skiing resorts. We have Adriatic sea, the Alps and the Pannonian Plain. Furthermore, we have amazing athletes, who are world-famous known. I thing that the biggest promotion for Slovenia are our top athletes, where world is amazed by so many great sportsman in so small country. In 26-year history, Slovenian athletes have reached 34 Olympic medals.

Favorite Slovenian movie/song? My favorite Slovenian movie is To so Gadi. This movie is very old, but the story is so funny I laugh every time I watch it.  My favorite song is Dan ljubezni, written back in 1975. The song is about love and how everyone need to love and be loved.

How would you describe Slovenia in three words? Diverse, safe and small.


Where can people find you?

Facebook:  Maja Plaznik

Instagram: majaplaznik