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$4900 $4500 per person

This one-week tour will take us through three countries (Austria, Slovenia, and Italy), two regions (Julian Alps and Adriatic Sea), one National park (Triglav) and one UNESCO World Heritage site.

Our outstanding guides will show you all the beautiful places, bring you to restaurants with the best chefs and cuisines, offer deeper insights into Slovenian culture and history, and enable you to fully embrace your experience.


  • Cycle in three countries in one week
  • Enjoy pristine nature in Triglav National Park
  • Visit the famous Soča Emerald River
  • Sample authentic local food and wine



  • Triglav National Park
  • Ski jumping center in Planica
  • Bovec and Soča, the Emerald River
  • Cycling next to buildings from WWI
  • Church of the Holy Spirit on Javorca, a WWI monument
  • Cycling from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea


  • Destination
  • Departure
    Ljubljana bus station
  • Departure Time
    Coming soon!
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, biking equipment
Day 1: Welcome to Ljubljana
On the day of your arrival, we’ll pick you up at the Ljubljana Airport, then go to your accommodations at Lake Faak.
Day 2: Start of the adventure!
Faaker See (AUT) – Planica (SLO)
Known for its clear turquoise water and whitefish, Lake Faak is a beautiful body of water in Austria. From here, we’ll cycle along the Gailitz river toward the town of Tarvisio in Italy. This road takes us to the old train connection that has been transformed into a cycling path. From here, we’ll enter Slovenia and overnight at the famous ski jumping center Planica.
Distance: 44 km (27.3 miles)
Elevation gain: 995 m (3264 ft)
Day 3: Along the railroad!
Planica – Bled (SLO)
Today we’ll hop on our bikes and enjoy the former railroad that was built in 1870 and connected Ljubljana and Tarvisio. The last train crossed the border (between former Yugoslav and Italy) in 1956, and the last train crossed from Planica to Jesenice in 1966. Now the railroad has been converted into a functional, relaxing cycling path 53 km (33 miles) long.
We’ll spend a night in Bled, one of the Alpine jewels with stunning views, and famous for its “kremšnita” cake.
Distance: 48 km (29.8 miles)
Elevation gain: 630 m (2066 ft)
Day 4: Into the Alps!
Bled – Bohinj (SLO)
The train takes us from Bled to Bohinjska Bistrica, where we’ll continue our journey into the heart of Triglav National Park in the Julian Alps. Then we’ll follow the Sava Bohinjka river to its spring.
A fun cable-car ride takes us to Mount Vogel, where we’ll see all the glory of Julian Alps, as though the earth were shaped like the palm of a giant hand.
Distance: 30 km (18.6 miles)
Elevation gain: 400 m (1312 ft)
Day 5: Along the Soča river!
Bohinjska Bistrica – Kobarid (SLO)
The train takes us under the mountains, through the tunnel where Death Train (Detonator) was filmed, and into the Soča River Valley, where The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was filmed. So, you can only imagine what is waiting for you!
It’s a beauty that has no match. It’s also a bitter reminder of the human madness of WWI, which was described in A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway.
We’ll visit the Church of the Holy Spirit on the mountain pasture of Javorca. This historic place was built between 1 March 1916 and 1 November 1916 during the Battles of the Isonzo. To commemorate WWI, the names of fallen soldiers are engraved on the wood panels, thus representing the values of dignity, peace, respect, and inclusion.
Distance: 35 km (21.7 miles)
Elevation gain: 1250 m (4101 ft)
Day 6: West, we go!
Kobarid – Robidšče (SLO)
Robidišče is Slovenia's westernmost settlement. The name is derived from the Slovene common noun robidišče 'place where blackberries grow.
On the way up, we’ll cycle along the river Nadiža.
Nadiža River is one of the cleanest and warmest Alpine rivers. Some Slovenians also believe that the river has healing powers.
The famous bridge crossing the Nadiža gorge dates to around 1812. An earlier version was used as a river crossing by Roman soldiers. The bridge once formed part of the route from Pradol and Robidišče, to the east. The present-day structure is composed of stone, set in a unique architectural form. Its technical accomplishment makes it both monument and memorial, worth every photo from every view.
Distance: 20 km (12.4 miles)
Elevation gain: 799 m (2625 ft)
Day 7: Into the vineyards!
Robidišče (SLO) – Buttrio (ITA)
The descent from Robidišče brings us into the wine country of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, where we’ll enjoy stunning views, heirloom wines, and rich local history, from Roman times on.
Distance: 35 km (21.7 miles)
Elevation gain: 415 m (1361 ft)
Day 8: To the sea!
Buttrio – Grado (ITA)
Today, we’ll enjoy the route to the sea.
We’ll cycle along and through the Città Stellata (star shaped town) and through evocative towns such as Aquileia, an outstanding Roman wonderland and UNESCO World Heritage site. Then, the trail leads us back to the Roman Forum. At the Basilica, we’ll stop to admire the famous mosaic floor, the largest in Western Europe. From there, we’ll cycle until we catch the fragrance of the Adriatic Sea, coming into view and extending beautifully beyond the Grado Lagoon.
Distance: 44 km (27.3 miles)
Elevation gain: 100 m (328 ft)
Day 9: Move on
Our trip has come to an end, but we are happy to help coordinate the next step of your trip. If you plan on wrapping up your vacation in Europe, Ljubljana Brnik, Zagreb, and Venice Marco Polo are the most convenient airports to fly out of. However, if you can extend your stay in Slovenia or elsewhere in Europe, we are happy to help you reach your next destination!


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  • Full board
  • English-speaking cycling guides
  • Transportation and entrance fees
  • Bike rentals
  • Mateja Travel T - shirt
  • Services of Mateja Travel staff
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  • Round-trip airfare
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Travel insurance
  • Optional trips
  • Food and beverages if not defined otherwise
  • Alcoholic beverages over provided meals if not defined otherwise
  • Optional gratuities to tour guides
  • Items of a personal nature
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