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The Golden Olympic Games 2021 Slovenian Triathlon: hiking, kayaking, biking

$3400 per person

This trip is for physically fit people with good endurance. The mountain hikes are demanding, but the views from the top are priceless. Our guides will take you from one region to another across beautiful meadows, ridges, and villages, all with cultural significance.

Kayaking on the Soča River will take your breath away. Prepare your eyes for 50 shades of green, blue, and everything in between. Enjoy the complexity of nature!

We’ll finish our trip by cycling to the Slovenian coast for a well-earned break.

This trip is for active fans who enjoy diverse landscapes, food, and wine. From freshly-prepared farm-to-table food, to a hearty mountain stew, to Michelin star cafes, to heirloom prosciutto and wild-caught seafood, Slovenia is sure to please even the most discriminating palate.

Sharpen your eyes and ears, ready your taste buds, and hitch up your gear. Share this beauty while it’s here, waiting to happen!


  • Hiking, cycling, or canoeing through three different landscapes in one week
  • Mountain hikes through Triglav National Park
  • Survey the view from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea in one panorama
  • Enjoy the Prince Caspian scenery on the Soča River
  • World War I history
  • White Lipizzaner horses and UNESCO heritage site: Škocjan Caves
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Food, custom wine, and much more


Quick itinerary:
  • [Day One, Welcome to Slovenia:] Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj
  • [Day Two, Up, up, up:] Savica Waterfall over Triglav’s Seven Lakes Valley to Bogatin Hiking: 6 hours (hard core path), Elevation gain: 1000 m (3000 ft)
  • [Day Three, WWI history:] Bogatin to Krn Lake to Velika Baba (Hiking 5 or 10 hours, Elevation from Bogatin to Krn Lake 300 m (900 ft), Hut at Krn Lakes to Velika Baba 400 m (1200 ft)
  • [Day Four, Pure Joy:] The highlight of Soča River Valley
  • [Day Five, Kayaking on Soča River:] A scenery of Narnia: Prince Caspian
  • [Day Six, Kayaking on Soča River:] From Kobarid to Tolmin
  • Elevation: 1150 m (3773 ft))
  • [Day Seven, Change of Scenery:] Karst Plateau, Skocan Caves and White Horses
  • [Day Eight, Change of Scenery:] Adriatic Sea! [Distance: 50 km (31 miles), Elevation: 400 m (1200 ft)]
  • [Day Nine, Move on:] See You Soon!


  • Destination
  • Departure
    Ljubljana airport/Ljubljana airport
  • Departure Time
    May, 23, 2022
  • Return Time
    May, 31, 2022
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, hiking/biking equipment
Day 1: Welcome to Slovenia
Welcome to Slovenia! We’ll meet in Ljubljana at noon and escape the crowd as soon as we can. Our first stop will be Lake Bled, our first hike to Ojstrica to see the panorama of the lake! After having an essential dessert “Kremšnita”(cream pie), we’ll head to Lake Bohinj, our starting point for hiking.
Day 2: Hiking from Savica Waterfall over Triglav Lakes to Bogatin
Early in the morning we’ll start at the Savica waterfall, then head up to Komarča where we’ll see the first of Seven Triglav Lakes: Black Lake. When you see it, you’ll understand its uniqueness. Our path will lead us to the hut at Seven Lakes, where we’ll stop for a snack, and a good view of two more spectacular lakes. Our goal for the day is Mt. Bogatin hut, where we’ll have lunch and enjoy a restful afternoon. Hiking: 6 hours (very demanding path) Elevation gain: 1000 m (3000 ft)
Day 3. Bogatin to Krn Lake to Velika Baba
Today we’ll pass by the remains of WWI and finish at the hut at Krn Lakes. The whole path is about 2.5 hours. We also offer an optional trip to Mt. Velika Baba, just behind the hut. It’s called “hag’s mountain.” It will take us another 5 hours, but the reward on the top is worth it! However, save some strength to hike to Lepena valley, another manageable 2 hours on beautiful forest paths. Hiking: 3 hours from Bogatin to hut at Krn Lake and to Lepena, Hut at Krn Lakes to Velika Baba additional 5 hours (very demanding path) Elevation gain: Bogatin to Krn Lake Hut 300 m (900 ft), Hut at Krn Lakes to Velika Baba 400 m (1200 ft)
Day 4. Day off in Camp Korita
A day off in the only camp in Triglav National Park, adjacent to the Soča river. We’ll have a relaxing morning, and in the afternoon we’ll visit the Great Soča Gorge and Boka Waterfall. Prepare your taste buds for authentic, freshly-prepared local food. Have we mentioned cheese?!
Day 5. Kayak from Cezsoca to Boka, afternoon in Kobarid
Today we’ll start on the water. If Narnia’s Prince Caspian filmed the view, so can you! In the afternoon we’ll visit Kozjak waterfall and the WWI museum. We offer an optional trip to Mt. Kolovrat, where you can walk through the tunnels and experience scenes from WWI yourself.
Day 6: Kayak from Kobarid to Tolmin
Our second kayaking trip will start at Kobarid, and we’ll paddle under the Napoleon Bridge. After lunch we’ll visit Tolmiska korita and say “see you soon” to the Soča river. Our dinner will be on the Karst plateau, so you can enjoy prosciutto and a favorite local wine: “Teran.”
Day 7: Škocjanske jame, Lipica, Štanjel
We’ll take a deep breath and visit the Škocjan caves, which are a UNESCO heritage site. Afterwards, we’ll head to Lipica and see Lipizzaner horses. We’ll finish our day in the beautiful town of Štanjel, where we’ll enjoy authentic, local cuisine.
Day 8: Biking from Tomaj to Piran
Rested and recovered, we’ll hop on our bikes to travel to Piran, the famously quaint Venetian town. A “fish experience” awaits us there, and we’ll savor every bite! In the afternoon there’s an optional cycling trip to Sečovlje Salt Pans. Distance: 50 km (31 miles) Elevation: 400 m (1200 ft)
Day 9: Move on
Our trip has come to an end, but we are happy to help coordinate the next step of your trip. If you plan on wrapping up your vacation in Europe, Ljubljana Brnik, Zagreb, and Venice Marco Polo are the most convenient airports to fly out of. However, if you can extend your stay in Slovenia or elsewhere in Europe, we are happy to help you reach your next destination!


Value For Money

Included in the price of the itinerary
  • Booking and accommodations for this itinerary
  • Transportation from/to Ljubljana airport
  • Transportation and full board every day
  • Welcome dinner on your first day in Bohinj
  • All entrance fees
  • English-speaking hiking guide
  • Laundry services mid-week
  • Mateja Travel T-shirt and water bottle
  • Services of Mateja Travel staff, including luggage safekeeping
We stay at guest ranches, mountain huts and hotels .
Not Included in the Price of the Itinerary
  • Round-trip airfare
  • Excess baggage charges; travel insurance
  • Optional trips
  • Food and beverages if not defined otherwise
  • Alcoholic beverages over provided meals if not defined otherwise
  • Optional gratuities to tour guides
  • Personal items
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