This action-packed program will take us to three regions and even three countries. Suitable for busy bees and the young and active (at heart), it will include different types of recreational activities. We will embrace nature rather than disrupting it, and lodging options will include mountain huts and tourist farms. Finally, program dates are built around several sports events such as running and cycling races to allow our active travelers to extend their stay and take part in mass participation events!


  • Visit three regions: the Alps, the Pannonian Plain, and the coast
  • Sample typical food and wine
  • Stay in tourism farms and a mountain hut



  • Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital
  • Four castles in a single town, Preddvor
  • Spend the night in a mountain hut
  • Visit a castle with 365 chambers; one for each night of the year
  • Rafting on the Mura River
  • Three countries. By bike. In one morning!
  • Piran, the small Venice



Hiking, biking, rafting



  • Two nights at a tourism farm in Jezersko (in either twin rooms, four-bed suites, hayloft, or camping tents)
  • One night in a mountain hut (we will leave our luggage in the valley)
  • Four nights at a tourism farm in the Pannonia Plain (in either twin, triple, or five-bed rooms)
  • Three nights at a tourism farm on the Slovenian Coast (in single or twin rooms)


Included in the price of the itinerary

  • Four full board – breakfast, lunch, and dinner (including one non-alcoholic beverage)
  • Four half board – breakfast and late lunch or early dinner (including one non-alcoholic beverage)
  • Dinner on your first day
  • Tourist guides
  • Admission to the Ljubljana Castle
  • Admission to the spa center in Moravske Toplice, bike rental and coffee break, castle tour, rafting trip, and winery tour
  • Tour of the prosciutto-producing facility, admission to the Lepa Vida Thalasso Spa center




Day 1
Ljubljana and its Dragons

Dragons are a symbol of Ljubljana: Legend goes that one was killed by the mythological Greek hero Jason and his Argonauts who also founded the city. Today, dragons are portrayed in statues, the city coat of arms, and there is even a Dragon Bridge! Let’s see how many we can spot in our tour of the Slovenian capital. We will start our journey in Ljubljana at noon. We will tour Ljubljana’s Old Town and visit the Ljubljana Castle. In the afternoon, we will explore the Slovenian capital on our own. In the evening, we will drive to the Carniola region to have dinner and settle in a comfortable tourism farm.

Day 2
Four Castles Tour

After a delicious rustic breakfast we will meet our mountain guide to check our gear. Following his briefing, we will visit Črnava Lake and enjoy the shade of nearby sequoia trees. After lunch, we will tour the four castles of Preddvor and stock up on goods and snacks for our hike in the mountains on the following two days.



Day 3
Czech Lodge 


Around 9:00 a.m. we will start our day by exploring Jezersko, an idyllic mountain village on the border with Austria. We will visit the tufa quarry in the Valley of Komatevra and fee fossilized moss and trees. We will also visit a nearby Alpine Lake and a natural spring of water rich in mineral content. A glass of this water a day should keep the cardiologist away, but too much of it might stimulate our digestive system more than desired! After lunch we will start our ascension to the Czech Lodge (1542 m/5059 ft above sea level), a mountain hostel that stands on the Spodnje Ravni Cirque. Our travelers may choose to rest or hike to the nearby Vratca peak (1802 m/5912 ft above sea, one hour hike).

Day 4
Hike to Logar Valley


After breakfast at 7:30 we will prepare for a 9:00 departure. Our first stop will be the Kranj hut on the Ledine plateau (1700 m/5577 ft) where we will stop for a tea break and a photo opportunity. From here, we will hike to the Ledine peak (2108 m/6916 ft), Jezersko ridge (2036 m/6680 ft), Savinja ridge (2001 m/6545 ft), and descend to the Frischauf hut (1396 m/4580 ft) at Okrešelj for lunch. After suitable rest we will continue descending into the Logar Valley where we will visit the Rinka Falls and the Eagle’s Nest mountain bar. We will wrap up this seven-hour hike with dinner at a tourist farm in the Matk Combe valley. After dinner we will transfer to the Goričko region. Bus naps are complimentary!



Day 5
Leisurely rest


After an exhausting two days in the mountains, we will spend this morning paying a reinvigorating visit to the spa center in Moravske Toplice. After lunch, we will hop on bikes and head to the Grad Castle, the largest Slovenian castle with a total 365 rooms—you guessed it, one for each night of the year! The tour of the castle and of the adjacent beehive will be followed by dinner and a bike ride back to our point of departure.

Day 6
Biking in Three Countries


After breakfast we will again hop in our saddles and head on a 52 km (32 mi) bike ride which will span over three countries! In each country, we will stop for coffee or snacks. In the afternoon, we will visit a typical wine cellars and then enjoy a dinner typical of the Prekmurje region.

Day 7
Rafting to the Island of Love


After breakfast, we will head to the town of Radenci where we will board rafts and head downstream to the Ižakovci village. Here, we will visit a water mill which is still used to grind flour in a traditional fashion. Then, we will walk to the Island of Love – a floating mill on the Mura River – and later take a ferry to take us to the opposite river bank.



Day 8


A somewhat lengthy travelling day will be rewarded with delicious gastronomic treats. Our first such stop will be Trojane, where we will indulge into breakfast featuring the world-famous Trojane donut, a pastry like you have never had before. Then, we will continue our trip to the village of Štanjel, where we will visit a prosciutto-producing facility and enjoy lunch. After lunch we can visit the Štanjel Castle, the Ferrari Garden, or simply enjoy the afternoon in this beautiful medieval village. In the evening, we will head to the Slovenian coast where we will be spending the final part of our trip.

Day 9
Salt pans and a “seafood experience”


In the morning we will visit the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park where sea salt is still harvested using traditional procedures that have been surviving for centuries. The nature park is also home to Lepa Vida, the only outdoor spa center in Europe; we will indulge in a massage or other form of pampering. In the evening, we will return to Piran for a fish and seafood dinner before enjoying the sunset in a seaside café.

Day 10
Exploring the Slovenian Coast


On the last full day of our program, we will let you choose what to discover about the coastal region. In nearby Hrastovlje, you might want to explore the Holy Trinity Church with the famous seven-meter (22-feet) fresco entitled Danse Macabre. In alternative, you may just want to explore the seaside towns of Izola and Koper. Nearby Strunjan lends itself to leisurely hiking opportunities, and if you don’t mind another short drive, the Škocjan Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are a beauty of nature worth seeing. Alternatively, even neighboring Italy and Croatia are but a few miles away… Obviously, we are happy to advise and help make arrangements!

Day 11
Moving on


Our itinerary has come to an end, but we are happy to help coordinate the next step of your trip. If you plan on wrapping up your vacation in Europe, Ljubljana Brnik and Venice Marco Polo are the most convenient international airports to fly out of. However, if you want to extend your stay in Slovenia or elsewhere in Europe, we are happy to help you reach your next destination!


Contact us


Not Included in the Price of the Itinerary

Round-trip airfare and baggage charges; travel insurance. Alcoholic beverages with meals. Water and snacks on day 4  (mountain tour); trips and lunch on days 10 and 11 (departure day). Optional gratuities to your guides. Souvenirs and items of a personal nature.


Consider as you sign up

Airline tickets – Please check with us before purchasing your airline tickets to ensure that the trip is confirmed with the minimum number (four) of participants required to operate.

Travel insurance – To protect your travel investment, we recommend the purchase of travel insurance.


Additional Information

Weather –The northwestern part of Slovenia has an Alpine climate and temperatures in the valleys are moderate. June through September are the prime visiting months. The Pannonian Plain experiences continental climate, while the Adriatic coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate; both are characterized by warm sunny days. Temperatures in these regions in this time of the year typically range from the lower 50s to the upper 70s. Expect overnight mountain temperatures (while staying in the Alpine huts) to drop considerably.

Single Travelers – Single accommodation requests will be charged a single-room supplement fee. There is a limited number of single rooms available upon request. If you wish to share accommodations, we will assign you a roommate if one is available. Single rooms are not available in mountain huts and in some tourist farms in the Pannonian Plain

General Information – This trip is subject to the booking information, policies, and provisions laid out in Mateja Travel’s Terms and Conditions. Please read this information carefully and contact us if you have any questions. Additional trip information will be provided upon registering for the trip.


Slovenia? Go for it!